Here you can find all the resources to support your self-leadership process.

Toolkit for connecting with your inner team
Here you find the complete toolkit for the development of yourself free of charge. The tools help you to connect with your Formies, uncover blind spots, locate your issues, and clean them up to get closer to who you really are.

Transformation Map

On the Transformation Map you can travel with your Formies through your inner universe.

Here you find free challenges to guide you through your self-leadership process. The challenges are based on the latest insights from neuro-sicences and enhance your awareness-building process.

The United States of You: A Travel Guide

The United States of You is a game changer: it enables you to align your mind, body, and heart in a systematic way to gain access to all your resources, including intuition.

Inner Leadership: selbstbewusst und authentisch führen
Inner Leadership is a self-transformation program in book format that helps individuals to develop the leadership qualities courage, openness, resilience, appreciation, focus and action-orientation. Leaders with these qualities are well equipped to drive organizational and societal transformation.