This might be the first book you have a relationship with

Do you want a break through?
Do you want a break through?
If you've decided to shift gears, this is the right book for you. Activate Conscious Me, your personal trainer, and tap into a source of infinite energy and creative power.
Add more colours to your life
Add more colours to your life
Use your consciousness to intensify what you see, sense and feel. Conscious Me shows you how to free yourself from mental and emotional patterns and navigates you to freedom and joy.
You want to enjoy life, but …
You want to enjoy life, but …
Think you are never good enough? Are afraid of disappointing others? Feel exhausted and lonely? STOP IT! Start your inner clean-up and pave your way towards a self-determined life.

The United States of You

The United States of You is a game changer: it enables you to align your mind, body, and heart in a systematic way to gain sustainable access to your source of infinite energy.

With this self-leadership book, you’ll learn how to be balanced and constantly in touch with your creative power. You’ll gain inner clarity by being aware of yourself and others. How? You see and manage yourself as a team of four: the four Mes or Formies. Each Formie represents a vital part of you: your mind, your body, your heart and your consciousness. You will become familiar with the language and the needs of all Formies, enabling you to be in command of yourself and your life.

Live with the Formies

You look at yourself as a team of four: Your Formies. Each Formie represents a vital part of you. Guided by Conscious Me, you’ll learn how to identify mental and emotional patterns, to let them go, laugh about your funny sides, break your habits, and love yourself as who you are: A high-performance team that is well aligned. A team with self-confidence, drive and joy.

You’ll feel like coming home when you travel with the Formies through each of their lands, because you’ll recognize yourself in numerous authentic examples from co-travellers.

You’ll learn to become more sensitive to their voices if you use the tools provided in the book. A systematic discovery makes your journey much easier.

For your convenience, you can Download the Toolkit here as a resource package from the Joy Academy

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Kathrin is a high-energy professor for leadership and international management, an experienced coach, organizational designer and book author.

Kathrin Köster
Author & Coach
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