About The Formies

The Formies are your inner team. Mr Mind with his thoughts, Buddy Body with his physical sensations, Her Highness Heart with her feelings and Conscious Me with its observations and guidance. Knowing them and making them collaborate means developing yourself towards the next level: a self-aware, balanced and autonomous individual.

What do all people have in common?

They all have Formies. If we are aware of them, we feel connected.

Why self-develop with The Formies?

You want to enjoy life, but ...

…think you are never good enough?
…are afraid of disappointing others?
…feel exhausted and lonely?
STOP IT! Start your inner clean-up and
pave your way towards a self-determined life.

Add more colours to your life?

Use your consciousness to intensify what you perceive, sense and feel. Conscious Me shows you how to free yourself from mental and emotional patterns and navigates you to freedom and joy.

Do you want to break through?

If you’ve decided to shift gears, this is the right approach for you. Activate Conscious Me, your personal trainer, and tap into a source of infinite energy and creative power.

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