Creatrice of the Formies Approach

About Kathrin Köster

Kathrin loves to have different roles and to live and work in different places:
Auckland, Berlin, Bukarest, Melbourne, Rome, Stockholm, Taipei, Tokyo, Vienna…. Following her motto ‘Never take anything for granted’ she persistently explored various aspects of human nature, always keen on going beyond limits.

So she ventured out to learn Mandarin as a teenager. She fell in love with Daoism and Confucianism when she started to study Chinese culture. When she lived and worked in Japan, she became familiar with lean production, practiced Zen Buddhism and experienced how difficult it can be to be a foreigner.

Kathrin is fascinated by discovering the unknown. She travelled the world to learn about and from cultures and people that were most different from herself. Eventually, she dived into her inside to find the ‘secrets’ of a self-determined meaningful life. And she made it: Kathrin managed to tap into her inner knowledge and integrated it into her work with multidimensional perspectives. This makes her life much more colourful and brings new discoveries every day.

Interview with Kathrin Köster

Meet Kathrin, the creatrice of the Formies, and get taken away by her passion for clarity and joy.